Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Thomas Brin: Episode 3 Release Date

To see Thomas Brin in action, visit the official movie site at: The Adventures of Thomas Brin


Okay, I think in my last post I said something about January 31, 2007 as the target date for Episode 3. Well, I'm glad that date is 10 days off!

Oh, wait...I've just been informed that today is January 31. Well, once again I've missed my own self-imposed deadline.

But, Ha! It is my deadline and the fate of the world, the sales of a company, or the health of family and friends are not affected by the release date. So, the only true pressure I face is my own.

Well, I have a firm date and time for the official release of Episode 3 of Gardens of Tomorrow, The Adventures of Thomas Brin. It is practically finished! I'm taking several days off from the post production to gain some much needed perspective on the final edit. I'll hit the editing again this weekend with a refreshed (hopefully) point of view.

So, the official release date and time is:

Saturday, February 10 at noon EST

Mark your calendars, polish your iPods, wake the kids, and kick the cat, the most highly-anticipated, best episode yet of The Adventures of Thomas Brin is just around the corner!

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