Sunday, April 08, 2007

Thomas Brin Episode 3 Statistics

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E3 of TB was posted on Saturday, February 10, 2007. Since almost two months have passed since the epsiode went live, I thought I would share some basic viewer statistics about Episode 3.

Before I share those data, here are the total viewership numbers for February and March across all three episodes:

February: 96,408

March: 27,822

You're probably wondering why the February numbers were lower than January's and why March had a even larger, significant drop. The answer is that we experienced server issues. Actually, the real answer is that we caused the server issues. To learn more about our feed subscriber base, we rerouted the feed files using Apache's mod_rewrite rules and that basically messed everything up. Of course, it took us a while to fix the problem. So we're sure that many potential viewers got tired of trying to access the feed files and simply gave up. However, if you are reading this then you're probably still a fan and we appreciate that!

What did we learn from this frustrating experience? In a nutshell, we learned that it is best to learn about the Apache mod_rewrite directive by practicing on a server that is not live. Going forward, we expect to see the monthly numbers go back up. So, with that long preamble, here are the E3 statistics to date:

Total Episode 3 downloads in the past two months: 62,789
Episode 3 percent of all downloads: 45.83%

So, whereas the actual download number would have been a lot higher had we not messed up the server, we still had 1,120 unique downloads per day (on average) of Episode 3.

We're still not sure if Episode 3 has lived up to or exceeded fans' wishes, but we think it is off to a good start. We haven't heard from anyone yet (which is odd), so please send us a message and tell us what you think.

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