Saturday, February 10, 2007

Thomas Brin: Episode 3 is Released!

To see Thomas Brin in action, visit the official movie site at: The Adventures of Thomas Brin

Today is the day! Episode 3 of The Adventures of Thomas Brin, Gardens of Tomorrow is final complete and live!

For those of you who have visited the website looking for TBE3, it is there. It can take a little while before the server updates--especially the RSS feed files hosted by other companies. Although we ping the servers, we have no control over when they actually go out and update their RSS records. So, be patient. It is live and you should be able to view it shortly.

We hope you enjoy. Please take the time and let us know what you think.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thomas Brin: 136,350 downloads in January alone!

To see Thomas Brin in action, visit the official movie site at: The Adventures of Thomas Brin


As you now know, TBE3 will be released in 10 days. To keep all one million plus Thomas Brin fans in the loop, I looked at our server statistics for January to see how TB was doing.

Downloads slowed down a little in January. We had a total of 136,350 downloads of E1 and E2 combined. This is still very, very respectable for an Internet-based movie series (what we call vodcast cinema) that does not spend a penny on promotion or, in fact, much time in promotion. It's even more impressive of a large number when you take into account that we do not post TB on any social video sites like YouTube, Myspace, or Revver. Thomas Brin's only home is on our dedicated server.

I believe the small percentage decrease in average downloads is a result of one issue only: people are raring for episode 3. Most new viewers most likely are turned on to TB through word of mouth--either directly thru friends or podcast reviews. Since the imminent release of TB3 has been imminent for 9 months, the number of new reviews has decreased and therefore the number of new viewers.

I predict that with the imminent--no, really, this time it is imminent--release of TB3, the number of new viewers and therefore downloads will show a big uptick over the next several months. Please help do your part in promoting TB to all your friends, family, coworkers, readers of your blog, or listeners of your podcast. With your support, TB can continue its rise to Internet fame.