Sunday, December 31, 2006

Thomas Brin: Episode 3 Update

To see Thomas Brin in action, visit the official movie site at: The Adventures of Thomas Brin


Well, I hate to do this to the millions of Thomas Brin fans out there--okay, TB has been downloaded over a million times but I have no clue how many fans TB actually has--but, due to some technical crud, the release of Episode 3 of The Adventures of Thomas Brin: Gardens of Tomorrow is going to be pushed back about one week--or so. With my limited budget, my Mac computers are at their wit's end churning out animation after animation.

I was literally down to the last animation and I just was not happy with it. Since I'm trying to improve the production values (story, acting, lighting, animation, compositing, etcetera) with each new episode, I thought it best to push back the premiere a week to give me time to fix the final animation.

But, there is a way that setbacks like this could become a thing of the past. If only some of you wonderful TB fans out there would buy some of the exceptional TB merchandise at the
Thomas Brin Store
, then maybe I could put together a small rendering farm and produce more episodes in fewer hours! Oh, the 2007 TB calendar will be available in the store after Episode 3 is released. Yeah, I need time to make the calendar too.

So, to keep you going another week (I hope), here's another screen shot from Episode 3:

Thomas Brin Episode 3 photo #3

Please, take a moment to share your thoughts and make comments. None of you have ever bothered to do so via this blog. I mean, come on, this is new media at its finest. You are being asked to participate in this saga and I really will listen to and appreciate your input--whether positive or negative. What old media company ever says that? So, let me have it!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Thomas Brin: Where's Episode 3?

To see Thomas Brin in action, visit the official movie site at: The Adventures of Thomas Brin


It's way past July 2006 and Episode 3 of The Adventures of Thomas Brin: Gardens of Tomorrow is missing in action. People are concerned, people are patiently waiting, people are plain angry that it's not yet up for global viewing. Well, we don't blame any of you for harboring such feelings and thought it was way past time to post an update on the Brin Blog.

As most of you know--at least those who have taken any time to visit the official Thomas Brin website--we create each episode of Thomas Brin on a zero budget. Okay, the budget is not zero. I foot the bill for everything.

What I should have said is that we lovingly create Thomas Brin at our expense. We do not make any money on this effort and therefore it takes a back seat to all of life's more important pursuits like making a living, hanging out with family and friends, and drinking Chai tea. Actually, thanks to the good old Tazo Chai Tea goddess, TB Episode 3 is close to done!

I've been working like a hungry dog, mustering my strength and concentration to put Episode 3 in the can--that's film talk for finish the project, not flush it down the toilet. I plan to have The Adventures of Thomas Brin: Gardens of Tomorrow Episode 3 up on the website and iTunes by New Year's Eve! Look for it by late afternoon EST.

Oh, if you've emailed me and have not heard back from me, please accept my apologies. Our primary email provider (.mac) has blocked all forwarded email from our dedicated server. We recently discovered that we have been missing all sorts of email for about 6-8 weeks (maybe even longer). So, if you want to say hi or ask a question, please leave a comment on this blog.

So, that's the update. TB E3 is on it's way! This time for real!!!

To rewet your appetite for Thomas Brin, I'll leave you with two pictures from E3:

Thomas Brin Episode 3 photo #1

Thomas Brin Episode 3 photo #2